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Amplify your franchise operations with AI.

Provide instant answers to franchisee operational questions with EZee Assist— Your franchise's first line of support.

Trusted by brands across industries.

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Build scalable and intelligent support with minimal effort and change in behaviour.

EZee integrations into all your existing knowledge, training and communication platforms.

Our proprietary AI model learns directly from the source content of your repositories. No need to reformat or migrate content to a new file management system.

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EZee access to the solution through your existing support channels.

Minimal onboarding required, with no behavior change needed. Continue using preferred channels of support and start receiving instant answers and support.

EZee insights through a centralized dashboard. 

Simple to use ticketing workflow for second-level support that enables your operations teams to be in the loop. Visibility into questions from your franchisees. Analytics on the effectiveness of your knowledge and training content.

It's really as simple as asking a question and getting instant answers for your franchisees.

24/7 access to information 

Saving time and delivering a positive experience

On-demand training 


Empowering staff and saving on training costs

Optimized time with coaches

Focusing on unit-level growth and  development

Your operations teams will spend less time dealing with repetitive requests and more time actually coaching.

Reduced support


resolution times

Insights on training and communication needs

Our Leadership Team.

As a team, we bring deep expertise in solving complex enterprise challenges with technology.

Our combined experiences include strategy consulting, venture capital, AI and Machine Learning, and franchising.

Proud to be collaborating with our strategic partners and community.

Strategic Partner

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