Your all-in-one AI support assistant for your franchisees.

‎‎‎Unleash the full potential of your content and FBCs.

No need to migrate
your content.

Learns directly from your content, wherever it lives. Not another file management platform.

Zees continue to receive support through channels they're used to.

Access through all your existing support channels. No behaviour change required.

Insights on how your content is being utilized.

Visibility into questions from your Zees and the quality of support at scale. Know where your content is effective and where there are gaps.

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FBCs get looped in only when it matters most.

Intelligent ticketing workflow.
Ensuring Zees are always supported.

Slash support
burden by over 40%

Eliminate 100% of repetitive queries inundating your support team. EZee Assist instantly locates and delivers precise answers from any content source and format, streamlining operations and saving invaluable time for your support team and FBCs.

Maximize value of FBC coaching time

FBC coaching efforts significantly outweigh the time spent retrieving content for Zees. By automating content retrieval, EZee Assist liberates FBCs to fully focus on delivering personalized, revenue-driving guidance to zees.

Proactively develop content

Stay ahead of your Zees' needs with proactive content development. Our AI-powered insights pinpoint trends, assess content quality, and highlight content gaps, ensuring your resources align seamlessly with Zees’ current and evolving requirements.

Ensure brand consistency

EZee Assist eliminates the need for Zees to depend on memory or guesswork in their search for vital business information. Now, they can inquire freely and receive instant, trustworthy responses, empowering them to run their franchise with assurance and precision.

Deliver unparalleled 24/7 support = Happier Zees.

EZee Assist enables you to fulfill your commitment of always being available to support your Zees, regardless of the time of day. This allows for fostering lasting satisfaction levels with your Zees, leading to higher and more favourable promoter scores.

Security is the backbone of our product.

We follow best-in-class security practices to ensure that your data is completely protected and in line with your privacy policies.

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What our customers say about working with us to bring AI to franchising.

Image of John Evans, CEO of Everline Coatings & Services

"EZee Assist's solution and desire to solve problems has made them a key partner for EverLine. I am proud to say that our franchisees have embraced this technology and we are looking forward to expanding its use in the future."

John Evans,

Founder & CEO,
EverLine Coatings & Services
Image of Chiyoko Kakino, CEO of Real Property Management

"Working with EZee Assist has been truly remarkable. Their collaborative approach, flexibility, and dedication to customer service have significantly contributed to our success in improving the support we provide our franchisees. I would highly recommend partnering with them!"

Chiyoko Kakino,

Executive Vice President,
Real Property Management
Image of Pino Di Loia, CEO of Beavertails

"Ezee Assist's AI software has revolutionized how our franchise chain shares information with our franchise partners. Their platform has provided our franchisees with seamless access to our extensive operating manuals and process guidelines, streamlining day-to-day operations and ensuring consistent quality under the Beavertails brand. Our franchisees have found the platform to be intuitive, simple, and powerful!"

Pino Di Loia,


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